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हॅलो जालनेकर!

The wait is over! The much awaited Jalna's First App is finally here. 

Orbit App

जालनेकरांनी जालनेकरांसाठी, जालन्यात बनवलेले जालन्याचे आपले अॅप!

Friendly features for an 

डिजिटल होत जाणार्‍या इंडियात आता आपला जालना सुद्धा होईल डिजिटल.
4G च्या वेगाने डिजिटल होत चाललेल्या आपल्या देशात आपला जालना मागे राहता कामा नये. सीड पासून स्टील पर्यन्त आणि शिक्षणा पासून सॅटेलाइटेस पर्यन्त प्रगति केलेल्या आपल्या शहराची आता वेळ आली आहे डिजिटल होण्याची. Orbit हे फक्त एक अॅप नसून जालनेकरांसाठी संवाद, संपर्क आणि सहयोगा साठीचे एक खुले व्यासपीठ आहे.

Get in the Orbit to know more. Download Orbit now.

Proudly Made In MH21!

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Everything Jalna

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Vast array of categories 

Orbit App Articles

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What's in the Jalna's Orbit?


Shops & Services Listing

Orbit has a comprehensive listing of local shops and services. Ever had trouble finding something you need? Well, no more now! Find information about local shops and market at one place. Not just plain information, in Orbit you'll get to know exclusive offeres and discounts available in our market. Why to order online when the thing you want might be just a few shops away from you?! Bring back the joy of street shopping while still getting the flexibility of online shopping. 



Find what's trending in Jalna. Get to know the popular products and offers that are creating buzz in the city. With Orbit, you won't miss those awesome updates. Avail exclusive offers, great products and super discounts of Jalna's Market.


Articles and News Bytes

Orbit has something for everyone! Read educational, business, finance, legal, editorials and other articles daily. Written by Jalna's best personalities, these articles are worth the read.



Get notified of everything awesome that's happening in the Seed and Steel city of Jalna. Get notified about things that matter--popular, trending, or emeregency alerts. 

Be a part of Jalna's First App


सहभागी व्हा!

जालनेकरांचेच असलेले हे #आपले_अॅप, आपली वाट पाहत आहे. रजिस्टर करा तुमचा व्यवसाय किंवा तुम्ही देत असलेली सेवा आणि पोहचवा तुमचा व्यवसाय प्रत्येक जालनेकरांच्या हातात...!


Shop No. 3G, Udhan Complex, Gandhi Chaman, Jalna, 431 203 Maharashtra (IN)